Know Safety - No Accidents
Safety Challenge Solutions

1. Tag: A prominent, uniquely numbered identifier will be securely fastened to an isolation device. A tag indicates that the equipment being controlled MUST not be operated until the identified isolation device is correctly removed.

2. Whenever tags are used in lieu of locks, the tag number will be included on the Energy Isolation Log and treated as any other isolation device.

3. Tags attached to a lockout device MUST withstand a 50-lb pull without detaching.

4. Tags will provide the following information.
• Name and contact information of the person using the tag.
• Date attached.
• Equipment or system under isolation.
• Location of the isolation device.
• Disposition of the isolation device.

Recommendations for strengthening your LOTO program include:

• Conduct a facility audit to verify compliance with Company Program
• Conduct an inspection under ”1910.147(c)(6) Periodic Inspections” standards to ensure that the procedure and the requirements of this standard are being followed in your workplace
• Conduct informal employee interviews to determine general knowledge and LOTO competency levels
• Ensure that all employees receive training and understand the correct procedures for the installation and use of LOTO device
• Consult "OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147, “The Control of Hazardous Energy”

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