Know Safety - No Accidents
Safety/Training Challenge of the Month

Can you identify the OSHA violations or unsafe work practices in this photo?  Are you experiencing similar problems in your workplace?  To see how other Safety Professionals were able to correct similar issues or to submit a solution that worked for your company, visit our Resources Page.

Mobile Phone APPS

DD Mobile App PageDeveloping a “Know Safety – No Accidents” culture is a critical component to reducing injuries and equipment damage in your workplace. At Dangerous Decisions, we are developing apps for mobile phones designed to aid the safety professional. The NIOSH Pocket guide is the first Pocket guide that will actually "Fit" in your pocket. Click on the Icon link for more information about this fantastic tool or the app store logo to purchase.

Chet Karella
  Chet Karella

Chet is a Board Certified Safety Professional  (C.S.P) and Certified Environmental Trainer (C.E.T) with more than ten years of experience training adults in Safety and Oil Spill Response.  Born a second generation Alaskan, he has made a career out of his passion for safety…
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